Petticoat Hill/Locke's Loop

Description: Petticoat Hill is one in a grouping of three hills that rises more than 1,000 feet above Williamsburg center. The hillside is covered by a 100-year-old forest criss-crossed by old stone walls and dotted with the cellar holes and foundations of early farmsteads. The land is owned by The Trustees of Reservations and the Locke's who have generously shared their private land to extend the trail loop. "Petticoat Hill" takes its name from the story of a family with seven daughters that settled near the top of the hill. Each daughter wore five petticoats; on Monday washdays, people from miles around could see thirty-five petticoats billowing in the breeze as they dried.

Location: From Williamsburg Center take Petticoat Hill Road about one-quarter mile. The trail head is visible on the left.

Click HERE to visit The Trustees of Reservations website for more information and a trail map.