Dogs on Trails

Dogs on leash are welcome on several of the trails and properties listed on Williamsburg Woodland Trails.

Dogs and Wildlife: Although they are our best friends, dogs in the natural environment have a negative impact on wildlife and wildlife habitat. Their presence, even on leash, can displace mammals such as deer, bear and bobcat. They can also run through and damage vernal pool habitat, even when under voice control. Please observe and respect the ‘No Dogs’ or ‘Dogs on Leash’ signage on any trail you visit.

Dogs are not allowed on these trails (or sections of trails):

Dogs may be restricted from any other property at the wishes of the landowner.

Etiquette: WWT requests that all dog owners and walkers observe the following rules, etiquette and behavior while recreating with or walking dogs on our trails.

  • Please always clean up after your dog(s), and properly dispose of waste. Never leave bags on the side of the trail to pick up later. Dog poop is bad for wildlife and the environment.

  • No more than three (3) dogs per person.

  • Dogs must always be under control and come to their owners when called.

  • Do not allow your dog, even if friendly, to approach other dogs or people, unless invited. They may not desire such contact.

  • Do not allow dogs to dig for, chase, harass or hunt wildlife.

  • Commercial dog walkers should have the specific permission of property owners and observe a three (3) dog per person limit.