About Using Williamsburg's Trails

In decades past, Williamsburg's trails and wood roads were vital for getting around the town. Trails connected settlements, farms and pastures, and most importantly they connected families to each other and bound our community together. By necessity, these trails crossed public and private property and users respected the trails, the property and each other. Today, trails are used more for recreation than transportation, but they can still connect each of us to our neighbors and strengthen the fabric of our community, if we use trails responsibly and respectfully. The Williamsburg Woodland Trails Committee requests that all users follow these guidelines when using local trails.

  • Please follow all posted trail and property signs. No trespassing means no trespassing.
  • Certain trails are designated for certain uses, i.e. certain property owners may only desire non-motorized uses, others may only want winter uses. We all must respect these designated trail uses.
  • Please respect all trail users. Hiking, skiing, biking, horseback riding, ATV riding and snowmobiling are all important trails uses in Williamsburg, and all users should be courteous with each other.
  • Please stay on trails.
  • Trail use can be hazardous. Please be aware of hunting seasons. Wear orange in the woods during the late fall. Use trails safely, at your own risk.
  • Please be sensitive to natural and cultural resources. Please take out trash if you find it. Avoid environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Please follow our guidelines about Dogs on Trails.