​​Williamsburg Woodland Trails

Goals of Williamsburg Woodland Trails

The Williamsburg Woodland Trail project was formed in 2002. Our goals are to:

  • To identify existing trails in town
  • Work with public and private property owners to improve trails for appropriate community use
  • Develop a coalition of all trail users (including hikers, skiers, snowmobilers, ATVers, bikers and equestrians) interested in maintaining and improving Williamsburg’s trails.
  • Organize and lead hikes on local trails

Where Are We Now?

Williamsburg currently has a Woodland Trail Committee appointed by the Select board to work toward these goals. We are working to improve trails on some publicly owned lands in town, developing trail signs, and distributing this information through our web site and brochure. Soon we hope to expand the number of trails open to Williamsburg residents, work with landowners to allow appropriate access on designated trails, and build a Williamsburg Trails Club to bring trail users together and encourage responsible trail use.

How You Can Help

  • If you would like to be involved in the Williamsburg Woodland Trails project, or if you are a landowner with trails on your property and you are interested in more information, contact us, or come to one of our regular meetings. Check with the Town Clerk for our next meeting date.
  • Volunteer to help improve trails.
  • Encourage friends and neighbors to use trails respectfully and responsibly.
  • If you have a photo or experience to share about Williamsburg Woodland Trails, please contact us.